Qualities of a Good Data Analytics Software


When it comes to data analytics software it is always good to choose something that can be relied on. Data analysis is an important exercise whether the data is required for exam purposes or your research. You will need an analytics tool that you can truly rely on to give quality information without bias. Below are some features that any big data analytics software should possess and they are also what you should look for when buying an analytics software:



Easy to Use

No one likes dealing with hard stuff. For this reason, any data analytics software should factor in this. One should be able to navigate through it with ease, without necessarily have to keep referring to the user guide. The easier it is to use, the better. One should be able to generate results without having to go through so many steps. In case there are those complicated steps, they should be documented and well explained. The interface should also be user-friendly. One should be able to navigate through the software with ease.


A Multitude of Functions

A good data analytics software is one that can return data results in more than one format. If it is in case of explaining data, one should, for instance, be able to present the data in the form of pie charts, bar charts, histograms, frequency polygons among other things. This will make it easy for the consumers of data to understand what is going on. A good analytics software has many uses and different ways of explaining data. This will give a user an easier time of explaining data and grouping it into different categories.


Easily Integrated

A data analytics software will in many cases need to be integrated with other software when collecting data or during analysis. For this reason, your analytics software should have a feature that makes it easy to integrate with software. It should be able to work well with other software. Some common examples of software that are commonly used include Microsoft Office products like Excel worksheets. This will make it easy for anyone to import data and export results. When this is the case, the user will have an easy time in borrowing features from other software which the analytics software may not possess.


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Consistent Results

One of the ways to test whether some given data is truthful is by checking is consistency. The same data presented in different result format should have a consistent conclusion. If for instance, you are expressing data in pie charts and graphs. The largest bar in charts should correspond to the highest point of the graphs and so on. This is the same case with the interpretation given for different formats of the same data. Good analytics software will return consistent results with similar, if not same explanations for the same set of data.

The above are some of the features to look for in a good data analytics software, therefore, the next time that you are out shopping for good software, ensure to check out the above features before settling on a given data analytics software.

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