Smoking Weed- Is It Good for You?


Marijuana is still a controversial topic for some people that are not familiar with it. The stigma that exists in our society is that not yet telling the truth about weed. Smoking pot is seen as a negative activity and hobby that is associated with crime, illegal, dependency, terrible effects of other recreational drugs, and many other things. But slowly even the government agreed that you couldn’t let weed sit with other recreational drugs such as heroin or meth for example because they are not the same and it’s just unfair to do so. You can tell from the movement of legalizing marijuana in many states and countries. If you are part of the curious people that want to know more about smoking pot and whether it’s bad for you or not, this article will explain why marijuana is not as bad as people think it is.

Not addictive

The first thing that you need to remember about weed is it is not physically addictive. Different with drugs and tobacco, marijuana is essentially herbs that do not contain anything that can make your body wants more. If someone is addicted to smoking pot, it is because they are mentally addicted to the sensation and effects that the pot gave them. And with psychology addiction, you can get literally attached to anything, and it does not have to be pot. Your obsession towards cats, a certain TV-show, or a product is a mental addiction as well. To prove this, get the best bongs you can buy online and get high responsibility. Only then you will know that those people that are saying weed is awesome are telling the truth.

Lower risk of death

smoking potA mind-blowing fact that you need to know is thousands of people died every year in the USA because of drinking alcohol but so far there is no death at all that was caused by smoking weed. Now people can exaggerate and lie, but numbers and stats will always serve you with the truth. Many studies also have shown that marijuana does have a far lower risk of death compared to drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

The benefits

happyWhere do I even begin, since there are so many benefits of smoking weed that people often ignore. From helping with creativity, productivity, sleeping, focus, calming, distress, cope with anxiety, be happy, lose weight, lowers blood pressure, and there is a lot more to discover in the future.…

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Various Cannabis Extracts Methods


It is essential to note that Cannabis concentrates are becoming more popular, unlike other regular old flowers. This is because they are not hard to make. There are many simple ways you can follow, and the results will be amazing. Through these Cannabis concentrates, many people can make some of the tastiest and potent marijuana concentrates. It is therefore essential to understand that there many methods that will help you to make cannabis concentrates.

Ways to make Cannabis extracts


oiuytredfcgvhjkWhen you are handling buds using your fingers, the sticky resin that will glue to your fingers is what is referred to us as trichomes. Most people have preferred it because it contains the most active medical cannabis compounds. If you use a microscope, you will notice that they look like translucent stalks that have rounded heads. This plant has hair like structures that protect the plant against the effects of UV sunlight and insect predators. Therefore, it is essential to understand that the cannabinoids are manufactured from the globular head of the trichomes.


This is another most comfortable cannabis concentrate to make, and that is why it is the most popular cannabis concentrate. Therefore, kief is mainly made by separating the trichomes structures from the plant material with the help of a weed grinder. After you have done the separation, you will produce a light and fine powder that will resemble the granular sand.


This is another potent cannabis extract that has been used for years now more especially in India, the Arab world, and Asia. The hash is made by separating trichomes from the main plant material. You will realize that there are many ways you can do this. You can even consider using flammable solvents such as ethanol, butane, or ice water.

Supercritical CO2 oil

lkujytrfdcvbnmCarbon dioxide is one of the gases that can convert to a liquid under pressure. The co2 thc extraction process is widely used to herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, and even treat foods. Most people have recommended this procedure because it is natural and it extracts the important oils without damaging any of them. Also, it is essential to understand that this method is recommended for marijuana patients who need pure cannabis.

There is another cannabis concentrate you may need to use such as Rosin concentrates. You can make your rosin at home because it is straightforward to make and it is natural. Therefore, make sure that you discuss the cannabis concentrate options with your physician even before you decide to use or make them.…

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Top benefits of physical exercises

Leading a healthy life is something that we should all put efforts to ensure that we are able to achieve it. Unfortunately, nowadays many people are never concerned about their lifestyles. In fact, most people are so obsessed with making money that they end up using the money that they have made all long to look for medication. That is something that you truly do want to happen to you. So it, very important that however busy you are, you sometimes get to engage in physical exercises. There are several benefits associated with physical exercises that you will get by developing a habit of exercising on a daily basis.

Top benefits of physical exercises

Lose weight

A good percentage of the people inhabiting planet earth or overweight. This is what contributes to many funny ailments that are being experienced on the surface of the earth. So instead of you spending all your time looking for money and later on spend all the money that you get to seek medication, it is good that you engage in physical exercises. Physical exercise will help you to lose the excess weight and therefore ensure that the diseases that are associated with obesity are eliminated.

Eliminate stress

Physical exercises can help you to do away with stress. This is because it makes your mind fresh and also ensures that you are in a good mood. Various scholars suggest that physical exercises enable the brain to emit certain chemicals that give you a better feeling. So if you know that you have been struggling with stress for a long time, then there are high chances that it is because you are not engaging in physical activities.

Fight diseases

Another good reason why you need to develop a habit of regular exercises on a daily basis is that they help to make your immune system stronger. This is something that you can prove on your own by simply comparing someone who pays special attention to regular exercises to the one who does not. You will realize that someone who is active in exercises will rarely need a doctor. The reason for this is obvious; it is because they have a strong immunity system.

If you find it difficult engaging in physical activities because you do have that interest, the best thing to do under such circumstances is to look for an activity that you enjoy doing. This like riding a bike can be a hobby and yet a good physical activity. You definitely know what you love doing, and it is good to understand your health is not something to gamble with.


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